C# and ASP.NET Study Material

ASP.NET with C#


ASP.NET MVC Lecture -1 ASP.NET MVC Lecture -2 ASP.NET MVC Lecture -3
ASP.NET MVC Lecture -4 ASP.NET MVC Lecture -5 ASP.NET MVC Lecture -6
ASP.NET MVC Lecture -7 Razor Syntax -1 ASP.NET MVC Lecture -9
Sending Mail in ASP.NET Creating Rotating Gallery Creating Fancy Gallery

C# and ASP.NET (Under Development)

Total Fee for all topics Rs. 46000 - 148 Hrs(T)+148 Hrs(P) (06 Months)

Introduction to .NET OOPs Implementation String Handling
Exception Handling Multithreading in .NET Input Output Streams
Reflection Collection Framework Windows application programming
Database Connectivity Using ADO.NET Web Application Programming Using ASP.NET MVC
Entity Framework Remoting Networking
WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) SilverLight
LINQ (Language Integrated Query) NHibernate Project

Introduction to .NET (Fee 1000 - 03 Hrs)

.NET Tutorial-1 .NET Tutorial-2 .NET Tutorial-3
.NET Tutorial-4 .NET Tutorial-5 .NET Tutorial-6
.NET Tutorial-7 .NET Tutorial-8 .NET Tutorial-9

OOPs Implementation (Fee 1000 - 03 Hrs)

.NET OOPs Tutorial-1 .NET OOPs Tutorial-2 .NET OOPs Tutorial-3
.NET OOPs Tutorial-4 .NET OOPs Tutorial-5 .NET OOPs Tutorial-6
.NET OOPs Tutorial-7 .NET OOPs Tutorial-8 .NET OOPs Tutorial-9

String Handling (Fee 1000 - 03 Hrs)

.NET String Tutorial-1 .NET String Tutorial-2 .NET String Tutorial-3
.NET String Tutorial-4 .NET String Tutorial-5 .NET String Tutorial-6
.NET String Tutorial-7 .NET String Tutorial-8 .NET String Tutorial-9

Exception Handling (Fee 1000 - 03 Hrs)

Exception Handling Tutorial-1 Exception Handling Tutorial-2 Exception Handling Tutorial-3
Exception Handling Tutorial-4 Exception Handling Tutorial-5 Exception Handling Tutorial-6
Exception Handling Tutorial-7 Exception Handling Tutorial-8 Exception Handling Tutorial-9

Multithreading in .NET (Fee 1000 - 03 Hrs)

Multithreading in .NET Tutorial-1 Multithreading in .NET Tutorial-2 Multithreading in .NET Tutorial-3
Multithreading in .NET Tutorial-4 Multithreading in .NET Tutorial-5 Multithreading in .NET Tutorial-6
Multithreading in .NET Tutorial-7 Multithreading in .NET Tutorial-8 Multithreading in .NET Tutorial-9

Input Output Streams in .NET (Fee 1000 - 03 Hrs)

Input Output Streams in .NET Tutorial-1 Input Output Streams in .NET Tutorial-2 Input Output Streams in .NET Tutorial-3
Input Output Streams in .NET Tutorial-4 Input Output Streams in .NET Tutorial-5 Input Output Streams in .NET Tutorial-6
Input Output Streams in .NET Tutorial-7 Input Output Streams in .NET Tutorial-8 Input Output Streams in .NET Tutorial-9

Reflection in .NET (Fee 1000 - 03 Hrs)

Reflection in .NET Tutorial-1 Reflection in .NET Tutorial-2 Reflection in .NET Tutorial-3
Reflection in .NET Tutorial-4 Reflection in .NET Tutorial-5 Reflection in .NET Tutorial-6
Reflection in .NET Tutorial-7 Reflection in .NET Tutorial-8 Reflection in .NET Tutorial-9

Collection Framework in .NET (Fee 1000 - 03 Hrs)

Collection Framework in .NET Tutorial-1 Collection Framework in .NET Tutorial-2 Collection Framework in .NET Tutorial-3
Collection Framework in .NET Tutorial-4 Collection Framework in .NET Tutorial-5 Collection Framework in .NET Tutorial-6
Collection Framework in .NET Tutorial-7 Collection Framework in .NET Tutorial-8 Collection Framework in .NET Tutorial-9

Windows Application Programming (Fee 2000 - 10 Hrs)

Windows Application Programming Tutorial-1 Windows Application Programming Tutorial-2 Windows Application Programming Tutorial-3
Windows Application Programming Tutorial-4 Windows Application Programming Tutorial-5 Windows Application Programming Tutorial-6
Windows Application Programming Tutorial-7 Windows Application Programming Tutorial-8 Windows Application Programming Tutorial-9

Database Connectivity Using ADO.NET (Fee 3000 - 10 Hrs)

Database Connectivity Using ADO.NET Tutorial-1 Database Connectivity Using ADO.NET Tutorial-2 Database Connectivity Using ADO.NET Tutorial-3
Database Connectivity Using ADO.NET Tutorial-4 Database Connectivity Using ADO.NET Tutorial-5 Database Connectivity Using ADO.NET Tutorial-6
Database Connectivity Using ADO.NET Tutorial-7 Database Connectivity Using ADO.NET Tutorial-8 Database Connectivity Using ADO.NET Tutorial-9

Web Application Programming Using ASP.NET (Fee 4000 - 15 Hrs)

Web Application Programming Using ASP.NET Tutorial-1 Web Application Programming Using ASP.NET Tutorial-2 Web Application Programming Using ASP.NET Tutorial-3
Web Application Programming Using ASP.NET Tutorial-4 Web Application Programming Using ASP.NET Tutorial-5 Web Application Programming Using ASP.NET Tutorial-6
Web Application Programming Using ASP.NET Tutorial-7 Web Application Programming Using ASP.NET Tutorial-8 Web Application Programming Using ASP.NET Tutorial-9

MVC in .NET (Fee 6000 - 20 Hrs)

MVC in .NET Tutorial-1 MVC in .NET Tutorial-2 MVC in .NET Tutorial-3
MVC in .NET Tutorial-4 MVC in .NET Tutorial-5 MVC in .NET Tutorial-6
MVC in .NET Tutorial-7 MVC in .NET Tutorial-8 MVC in .NET Tutorial-9

Entity Framework in .NET (Fee 2000 - 06 Hrs)

Entity Framework in .NET Tutorial-1 Entity Framework in .NET Tutorial-2 Entity Framework in .NET Tutorial-3
Entity Framework in .NET Tutorial-4 Entity Framework in .NET Tutorial-5 Entity Framework in .NET Tutorial-6
Entity Framework in .NET Tutorial-7 Entity Framework in .NET Tutorial-8 Entity Framework in .NET Tutorial-9

Remoting in .NET (Fee 2000 - 06 Hrs)

Remoting in .NET Tutorial-1 Remoting in .NET Tutorial-2 Remoting in .NET Tutorial-3
Remoting in .NET Tutorial-4 Remoting in .NET Tutorial-5 Remoting in .NET Tutorial-6
Remoting in .NET Tutorial-7 Remoting in .NET Tutorial-8 Remoting in .NET Tutorial-9

Networking in .NET (Fee 1000 - 03 Hrs)

Networking in .NET Tutorial-1 Networking in .NET Tutorial-2 Networking in .NET Tutorial-3
Networking in .NET Tutorial-4 Networking in .NET Tutorial-5 Networking in .NET Tutorial-6
Networking in .NET Tutorial-7 Networking in .NET Tutorial-8 Networking in .NET Tutorial-9

WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) (Fee 3000 - 10 Hrs)

WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) Tutorial-1 WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) Tutorial-2 WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) Tutorial-3
WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) Tutorial-4 WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) Tutorial-5 WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) Tutorial-6
WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) Tutorial-7 WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) Tutorial-8 WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) Tutorial-9

WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) (Fee 3000 - 10 Hrs)

WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) Tutorial-1 WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) Tutorial-2 WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) Tutorial-3
WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) Tutorial-4 WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) Tutorial-5 WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) Tutorial-6
WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) Tutorial-7 WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) Tutorial-8 WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) Tutorial-9

SilverLight in .NET (Fee 3000 - 10 Hrs)

SilverLight in .NET Tutorial-1 SilverLight in .NET Tutorial-2 SilverLight in .NET Tutorial-3
SilverLight in .NET Tutorial-4 SilverLight in .NET Tutorial-5 SilverLight in .NET Tutorial-6
SilverLight in .NET Tutorial-7 SilverLight in .NET Tutorial-8 SilverLight in .NET Tutorial-9

LINQ (Language Integrated Query) (Fee 2000 - 06 Hrs)

LINQ (Language Integrated Query) Tutorial-1 LINQ (Language Integrated Query) Tutorial-2 LINQ (Language Integrated Query) Tutorial-3
LINQ (Language Integrated Query) Tutorial-4 LINQ (Language Integrated Query) Tutorial-5 LINQ (Language Integrated Query) Tutorial-6
LINQ (Language Integrated Query) Tutorial-7 LINQ (Language Integrated Query) Tutorial-8 LINQ (Language Integrated Query) Tutorial-9

NHibernate in .NET (Fee 1000 - 03 Hrs)

NHibernate in .NET Tutorial-1 NHibernate in .NET Tutorial-2 NHibernate in .NET Tutorial-3
NHibernate in .NET Tutorial-4 NHibernate in .NET Tutorial-5 NHibernate in .NET Tutorial-6
NHibernate in .NET Tutorial-7 NHibernate in .NET Tutorial-8 NHibernate in .NET Tutorial-9

Project in .NET (Fee 6000 - 15 Hrs)

Project in .NET Tutorial-1 Project in .NET Tutorial-2 Project in .NET Tutorial-3
Project in .NET Tutorial-4 Project in .NET Tutorial-5 Project in .NET Tutorial-6
Project in .NET Tutorial-7 Project in .NET Tutorial-8 Project in .NET Tutorial-9